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Cookie Policy 

Manfred H. Müller & C.ª, Lda. NIF 500378827 with Headquarters in Estrada Interior da Circunvalação, 12477, 4100-178 Porto uses cookies that allow us to improve the performance, navigational experience and the user experience. Every browser allows the user to accept, decline or delete cookies through browser definitions. If you choose to disable our cookies, some available services from our website might stop working affecting your experience in our website. 


What are Cookies ? 

Cookies are small text files that contain relevant information that your browser processes when a website is visited by the user. 

The presence of cookies helps our website recognize the device the user is on (tablet, desktop, mobile, etc.) when he visits us. The cookies retain only the information related to your preferences, never disclosing your personal data. We recommend that you enable cookies in order to optimize your website experience and speed. 

The cookies that the Website uses are:

Analytics- they collect information about the user navigation experience, anonymously, although, sometimes they also allow to identify the user, uniquely and unequivocally to obtain information about their interests in the services that the website provides. 


Publicity- persistently active but only for limited periods of time, with the goal of collecting information about the user relative to navigation habits on the Internet, so that the targeted publicity corresponds to the user needs and interests. 


Third-party – allow the website to save navigation preferences, language, region and collect information from users to correspond publicity to their wants and needs. 


The website uses cookies to collect statistics to analyse it’s performance and navigation experience, evaluate the efficiency of it’s advertisments and promos. 


Disable cookies 


All browsers allow the users to accept, decline ou delete cookies through it’s settings, that way, users can disable cookies from the website at any given moment by modifying their browser settings. 

Althought, it is important to point out that disabling cookies will prevent some Web services to properly function, thereby, affecting parcialy ou completely the users navigation. 


Any questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail or mobile. 


Mobile: +351 226 102 393 

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