Dropshipping is a service that Interlusa makes available to it's costumers to facilitate sales. With this system your order is delivered directly to your customer. All logistical processing is performed by Interlusa.
it's so easy!
You only have to select the address where you want us to send your order.
Not for you, neither for your client!
This service does not involve any additional cost, in addition to the postage established by the carrier, for each order.


The invoice is sent to you only.
Your costumer will receive a delivery note with your details so that you can identify the order you have placed.

No, the delivery time is the same wether the delivery is to your store or to the address chosen by your customer.
Delivery times by carrier are between 48/72 hours from the moment the order is processed by our team.
1. You won't need a big initial investment to start your business, as the warehouse and items are provided by us. In addition, you only need to order what you think is necessary, avoiding the accumulation of product stock.
2. Orders will be processed like any other shipment and will be delivered within the same established deadlines.
3. it allows you to have a very varied offer and an updated catalog both on your website and in your store.
4. Trust and good service will always be available to your customers, adding value to your store.
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